Technical Bulletin: Ford Utility Carbon Monoxide Info
With so much information floating around surrounding the concerns customers are having with the Ford Utility Interceptor we have put together this single bulletin to try to put all existing information into one location for your review. Based on this information you and your department and upfitting resource can decide to take the needed actions to ensure your drivers are safe and your fleet concerns are mitigated.

The following links are to all known information resources we have knowledge of at this time:

From the feedback we have seen in the field the issue does clearly exist in some cases. In other cases the issues being seen are a mix of multiple issues that all need to be resolved and might or might not be specific to only one vehicle concern. Both mechanical and equipment installation related issues have been found

While we have seen and inspected vehicles for carbon monoxide concerns and proper equipment sealing, we have also found those vehicles to be in various states of overall disrepair mechanically. The key is to rule out all issues in your fleet and making your users aware of these concerns but also get them to report these types of issues to their appropriate supervisors so they can be corrected.

As a service to our customers in the Northern CA region we have decided to offer a free inspection service for any vehicles we have worked on or any vehicles you might have a concern about that are affected by this specific issue. This vehicle inspection service can normally be performed while you wait. But in some cases based on equipment installed the vehicle would need to be left at our facility. This service is an inspection only and diagnosis of install practices for information to the fleet manager. The fixes Ford are proposing include changes to the air handling system in the vehicle and other fixes we might not be aware of and thus will not be able to perform. This service would not replace the need to allow Ford to perform those fixes that all Utility Interceptors affected might need to have completed. These inspections are by appointment only, contact information is below.

Please understand the safety of all of our customers is extremely important to us and all users of the Utility Interceptor should understand and utilize the resources above to address any concerns with their fleet in a timely manner. 

If we can be of any assistance please let us know.


Brent Burzycki – General Manager
707-435-9233 –

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New Q-176 Bulletin

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Many reported issues with this not being disabled and then activating under pump operations on newly delivered vehicles.

Revised Q-169R3 Bulletin

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