Association T-shirts for sale for $20 for Long or Short sleeve in Blue or Grey.  They will be for sale at the February meeting.

February 18,2016 

Bauer Compressors (Oil & Lubricants with rep from BP Oil) and Updates on compressors and fill stations from Bauer Compressors.

267 E Airway Blvd, Livermore, CA 94551


April 21, 2016

Burton’s Fire Apparatus (Training TBA)

1301 Doker Dr, Modesto, CA 95351


June 16,2016

Wattco (New vehicle antennas along with the latest tech equipment being installed on fire apparatus)

2230 Cordelia Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534


August 18,2016

Golden State Fire (Training TBA)

7400 Reese Road, Sacramento, CA 95828

The California Fire Mechanics Academy has opened registration for the Fall 2014 EVT Express Academy in Irvine and Mira Loma, CA, November 3 – 7.   Detailed information about the academy may be found at or by calling (916) 333-5044.   This year, we are offering the following courses:

CFM-115    Pumps & Accessories

CFM-215C  Aerial Apparatus

FM-229A    Detroit Diesel Engine Repair, Service & Troubleshooting

FM-109       Electrical Systems I


Space is limited and classes will fill quickly.


Christi Mansel
CFMA Staff

P.S. Diane VanRuiten has now officially retired from the CFMA.  The current Board of Directors and well as our staff will be monitoring all the emails to the academy and we will be responding to them in place of Diane.  Please feel free to contact Diane at and wish her the best in her retirement.

Take a look at: NFPA 1071, Standard for Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications

We’ve added the following item(s) to the document information page for NFPA 1071:

Notice of a Consent Standard: NFPA 1071 did not receive any comments and the committee determined, through ballot, that no further revisions are necessary. Therefore, NFPA 1071 shall be forwarded directly to the Standards Council for action in accordance with Section 4.7 (see also Anyone wishing to appeal the issuance of NFPA 1071 may do so by July 5, 2014 to the Secretary, Standards Council.

You will have 4 opportunities to take the


It will be administered by CFMA, Inc. members immediately following the regular section meetings.

Northern Section – June & December

Southern Section – May & November

  • As a prerequisite, students must pass a 1 time ELECTRICAL PRETEST to take the CFM-215A ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS 2A class.
  • Students not achieving an 80% + grade must take the FM-109 ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS 1 class.
  • $15 per student
  • 2014 Locations
  • North June 19th  @ Hi Tech and December 11th @Valley Power
  • South May 20th @Wattco – Alhambra,CA and November 18th @LAFD Ave 19