SCFMA 08-2012 (Medium)Salmi ERV (Medium)

On the 21st Tony Bulygo (NCFMA Treasurer) attended the SCFMA monthly meeting held in Anaheim, CA at the annual EVG, Inc. headquarters Vendor Show.  It was an excellent production with Jim Salmi of Spartan ERV, presenting the Aerial Training Session.  In the picture you will see over 300 years of Fire Apparatus service and experience.  The pictured are as follows and in correct order left to right.

Kevin O’Connell; La Habra FD retired FF and mechanic, runs B&M Siren Co.
Ted Downing; Arcadia FD retired 1984(?)  FF and still coming to meetings
Jerry Lee; City of San Diego retired, SCFMAssociation Historian
Sam Dominick Sr.; Rancho Cucamonga Fire District retired, CFMA Treasurer
Anthony Bulygo; Santa Clara County FD retired NCFMA Treasurer
Chris Marangakis; LA County FD SCFMA President
Doug Link; San Miguel Fire Protection Dist retired, CFMA member

Present at SCFMA EVG meeting but missing in pix
Danny Abeyta; North County FD retired, South Coast Pierce, San Diego Branch Mgr.
Dave Moreno; retired Corona FD

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