Hello my friends,

The State Fire Training CTS workgroup has finished the draft of the Emergency Vehicle Technician CTS. This document contains all of the job performance requirements of NFPA 1071 as well as a few items in italics the group felt were lacking and is organized into three levels. The first two levels are for the working technician and the third is a supervisory standard.

Please take the time to review the documents and let us know if you have any questions or comments. Our goal is to improve the quality of our certification levels, provide relevant training and address NFPA 1071 in the California standards.

After our reviews, the draft will be presented to STEAC later this year and will be used as a guide for future EVT training.

Thank you for your time,

Shea Pursell
NCFMA President

Associated files are listed below and available for download:

EVT I – CTS – 2.15.11 – Presentation II

EVT II – CTS – 2.16.11 – Presentation II

EVT III – CTS – 2.15.11 – Presentation II




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