Product Change Notification


Please be advised that the following is notice of change to Fire Research pressure sensors.
Products Affected:

All PT1/PT2 pressure sensors used for intake and discharge pressure displays, portable testers, and pressure governors. This includes the following FRC part numbers:

XE-PRO31PT2-Sxx (0 – 300 psi), XE-FP4000PT1-Sxx (0 – 600 psi), XE-IO3100PT2-Sxx (ABS – 600 psi), XE-PRO1000PT1-Sxx (0 – 1000 psi)
Change Description:

The above pressure sensors are being discontinued. New PT3 pressure sensors will be direct replacements in all orders starting on or about 07DEC09. 

Reason For Change:

Part of the ongoing process to improve FRC products.
Replacement Product:

New pressure sensors will be direct replacements. They meet or exceed all electrical and mechanical requirements, use the same 3-Pin Packard connector, and mount in the same size 1/4 inch NPT port. 

Important Note:

The new sensors are slightly smaller than the old ones in height and width (less 0.6 inch in height and 0.7 inch in width). Refer to the referenced drawing for complete dimensions of the new sensors.
The following are FRC part numbers for the new sensors:

XE-PRO31PT3-S0A (0 – 300 psi), XE-FP4000PT3-S0A (0 – 600 psi), XE-IO3100PT3-S0A (ABS – 600 psi), XE-PRO1000PT3-S0A (0 – 1000 psi)

The following drawing is available for the new pressure sensors:

DWG. NO. XE-XXPT3DWG-R0A dated 09NOV09 which can be found in the PDF version of this notice as page 2 of: http://www.fireresearch.com/pcn/PCN0911-01.pdf


No response to this notification is required. Requests for additional information should be directed to an FRC sales representative at 1.800.645.0074

FS 04NOV09

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