We have removed the Cal Fire Updates from posting and replaced it with a update feed on the right side of the site. This updates directly from the Cal Fire page and displays the last five updates. You can also click on them to get more information on the specific fire or incident:

As an example here is last nights Lighting Series Update:

Lightning Series
  • Lightning Series Incident Information:
  • Last Updated:  September 12, 2009 6:15 pm  
  • Date/Time Started:  September 12, 2009 1:45 pm  
  • Administrative Unit: Multiple Counties
  • County: Multiple Counties
  • Location: Statewide
  • Acres Burned:
  • Containment
    Santa Clara Unit – 20 fires, at 200 total acres with 20% containment. Access is difficult due to the remote location of most fires.
    Lake-Napa Unit – 9 fires, 3 active fires with the largest at 4 acres.
    Mendocino Unit – 2 fires, the Hunter Fire is 3 acres and the Horseshoe Fire is 1 acre and forward progress has been stopped.
    Amador-Eldorado Unit – 4 fires, 3 contained at less than one acre. Spring Fire is 10 acres and 40% contained.
    Tuuolumne-Calaveras Unit – 7 fires in the unit with 4 contained; The Telegraph Fire near Cooperopolis is 250 acres and 50% contained, the San Antonia Fire near Arnold is 5 acres.  
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