CARB confirms International and MaxxForce 2010 EPA

This week, I was pleased to read a letter confirming CARB recognition of emissions credits for 2010 emissions compliance, same as the EPA does.

As you may know, there is flexibility for all on-highway diesel engine manufacturers to meet 2010 EPA emissions requirements, with the option to either be at or below 0.50 g/bhp-hr of NOx through the use of accumulated credits earned since 2007 or to be at 0.20 g/bhp-hr of NOx if they were unable or chose not to generate credits. International® trucks will meet 0.50 g/bhp-hr NOx through MaxxForce® Advanced EGR technology through emissions credits earned by being cleaner than current 2007 regulations.  And, since we can only carry over 80% of credits earned before 2010, Navistar will actually clean more pollutants out of the air over time than if we simply had been meeting the acceptable limits for 2007 and 2010.  Credits are a benefit to manufacturers who are greener, and are also a tremendous benefit to the environment.

The CARB letter I read this week inarguably confirms and accepts the approach on which we’ve been working with the EPA since 2004.

In the attached letter to Navistar, Inc., California’s ARB acknowledges that engines that use averaging, banking and trading (ABT) provisions fully comply with the 2010 emissions requirements.  CARB adds that engine families both using credits and creating credits are compliant and receive "an Executive Order making them legal for sale in California."  Furthermore, our 2010 engines are considered Best Available Control Technology requiring no retrofitting and are essentially at all times on equal footing with those at 0.20 g/bhp-hr of NOx.

We think this affirmation by CARB should resolve any doubts about the acceptability of credits for meeting emissions requirements.  Navistar is the only manufacturer who chose meet 2010 emissions with an in-cylinder solution and we planned ahead for it. We have worked tirelessly to give our customers a solution that takes the burden of 2010 compliance off their shoulders; our Advanced EGR technology, combined with our emission credits, enables us to do that.

We are fully confident in our 2010 emissions solution.  And thanks to this letter from CARB, we believe our customers will be, too.

Click here to view the attachment.

Tim Shick
Director of Business and Product Strategy
Navistar Engine Group

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