There have been additional aerial waterway failures reported. 1 was in Southern a 4th alarm fire just a few weeks ago. We will have more details on that soon.
And this week in Minnesota, a ladder truck launched its waterway about 50 feet during a drill. No Firefighters or anyone else was injured or even close to where the waterway landed. They were flowing the waterway when they all heard a sound and the gauges went to zero. The FF’s shut the truck down and they saw a debris field….where the waterway landed.

If your FD operates their own aerial or receives aerial services from a neighboring FD, it is critical that the below NIOSH FIREFIGHTER SAFETY DOCUMENT be reviewed immediately.

REMINDER: The responsibility of setting up an aerial including the pinning of the waterway is a skill, one that is trained upon on and can only be preformed by those trained and qualified.

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