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NCFMA – 2017/18 Training Schedule

Next Training:

  • October 19.2017 — Wattco, 2230 Cordelia Rd, Fairfield CA, 94934
    • The training is on the following from Safe-4 Compliance Mobile Compliance & Training presented by Ed & Pam Carlson. Ed is a CHP Motor Carrier Officer (soon to be retires), and Pam his wife is in the transportation compliance business.  They will be presenting a training on the CHP’s perspective on driver compliance relative to fire truck operations along with all the changes such as CA adopting many of the DOT/FMCSA requirements.   This training is beneficial to all fleet managers and mechanics.
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    • PLEASE RSVP – or 707-435-9233
    • Download the Training Flyer – NCFMA Oct 19,2017 flyer

  • December 14,2017 – Valley Power System, 855 Stillwater Rd. West Sacramento, CA 95605
    • Training is with guest speaker Eloy Florez with the Air Resource Board. Florez will be presenting a training on the CARB/ARB’s perspective on compliance and regulatory requirements relative to fire apparatus, ambulances, and vehicles used off-road that are powered by diesel engines.
  • February 15, 2018 Training Location TBA
  • April 19, 2017 Training Location TBA
  • June 21, 2018 Hi Tech Fire Apparatus, Oakdale, CA
  • August 16, 2018 Golden State Fire Apparatus, Sacramento, CA
  • October 18, 2018 Training Location TBA
  • December 13, 2018 Training Location TBA

Association T-shirts for sale for $15 for Long or Short sleeve in Blue or Grey.  They will be for sale at all meetings while supplies last.


SCFMA – 2017 Training Schedule

Next Training:

  • August 15th 2017






















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The California Fire Mechanics Academy in conjunction with both the Northern & Southern sections of the California Fire Mechanics Associations will be offering students several opportunities to take the Basic Electrical challenge exam.    Currently all students on the Fire Mechanic certification track are required to take the pre-requisite class (Basic Electrical – FM109) before they may enroll in the advanced electrical systems class Electrical Systems 2 – CFM215A.

Recognizing that some technicians may already have a good base knowledge of electricity and electrical systems, the CFMA offers a “prerequisite challenge” test.  Students who successfully pass this “challenge” test with an 80% or higher score become eligible to enroll in the Electrical Systems 2 class directly, bypassing the requirement to take the prerequisite Electrical Systems 1.

The fee for this test is $15 payable at the test site.  Students may only take the challenge test one time.  Please contact the CA Fire Mechanics Academy office 916-333-5044 or fax 916-333-5014 so we may get an estimate of students wanting to test.

The next two opportunities to take this test will be:


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