OPENING DATE: 09/27/18
CLOSING DATE: 10/11/18 05:00 PM
To lead, oversee, monitor and perform the more difficult and complex duties assigned to classes in the mechanic series, including maintenance, fabrication and repair work for the City’s public safety, public works, transit and other fleets, equipment, facilities and tools; to provide work lead direction, including allotting duties, providing training and assisting with reviewing work performance. There is currently one vacancy, however an eligibility list will be established for future vacancies. The current vacancy is for a night shift position; the successful candidate will be assigned to work 3:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. and will receive 2.5% shift
differential pay.

JA Equip Mech Senior 092718 – Download the Job Information – Tentative Interview Date: October 23, 2018

H&E equipment Services is looking for EVTs..that’s plural. They need more than one–sign up!

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Dan Keck, Asst. Service Manager–Fire Truck Service—Phoenix–AZ_R0004674

892 W. 10th Street
Azusa, CA 91002



POSTING DATE: August 21, 2018
FILING PERIOD: Open until filled
SALARY: Based on experience and certifications

Performance Truck Repair is a premier truck fleet and fire apparatus repair and service center based in Azusa, CA that is growing exponentially due to its high level of professional and personal customer service which reaches out from Santa Barbara County to the Mexico Border. Employees are highly valued and provided competitive compensation and benefits.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  Maintain and repair fleet, firefighting and emergency vehicles, including fire engine, tender, tanker, rescue, aerial, hazmat, command and other various fleet vehicles. Perform journey level technician duties as required such as;

  1. Diagnose, adjust, service, repair, overhaul and/or replace a variety of fleet, firefighting and emergency vehicles systems to include engine and emissions, transmission, suspension and steering, braking and electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, fire pumps, valves, aerial ladder and foam systems.
  2. Disassembles truck and fire apparatus and accessories, make required repairs or replace and/or overhaul parts and components as necessary.
  3. Diagnose DC and AC electrical circuits, repair or replace fuses, batteries, lights instruments, warning devices, controls and switches, modules, alternators, starter, and defective cables and wiring.
  4. Diagnose, service and repair hydraulic systems, repair or replace hydraulic pumps, valves, hoses, cylinders, motors and ancillary components.
  5. May perform service calls on the road or at customer sites.
  6. May perform after hours service and emergency repairs as needed.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Five (5) years experience in diesel heavy truck repair consistent with the duties listed above with at least one (1) year of fire apparatus and emergency vehicle related work experience.

Must possess their own set of general hand tools for the essential duties including but not limited to ASE and metric combination wrenches and ratchets and sockets up to ½” drive and 1-1/2” hex size.


  • ASE Truck Technician certifications (T-1 through T-8)
  • Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) certification
  • Aerial ladder experience
  • Electronic engine and transmission diagnosis using both factory and aftermarket diagnostic software
  • Welding and metal fabrication

APPLICATION PROCESS: All interested applicants should email their resume to and include pertinent contact information.

Individuals who do not meet the minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply for consideration for other technician positions which may include training for those that are motivated to learn and excel.

City of Fairfield, CA
Position Announcement: Senior Fire Mechanic
Salary – $73,095.36 – $88,845.13 Annually
Location – Fairfield, CA
Job Type – Full-Time
Department – Public Works
Job Number – 2018-00062
Closing – 9/26/2018 5:00 PM Pacific