State Fire Training ID Information – New System under Development

Recently met with SFT and got and tried this app. EZ conversion from using SSN to SFT ID number. 

Please share with all. Advise new students to tell instructors and they will issue SFTID upon completion of their 1st State Cert class training. 


Doug Link

SFT ID Lookup
State Fire Training (SFT) has been using and issuing SFT ID numbers since 2010. The SFT ID number is an 8-digit number with a hyphen in the middle (ex. 1234-5678) and it takes the place of a person’s social security number. Every personnel account in the SFT User Portal has a unique ID number allowing SFT to synchronize a person’s SFT course and certification activity to their SFT account. On January 1, 2019 SFT discontinued the collection and use of a person’s social security number leaving the SFT ID number as the default ID number to be used in all course and certification activity. The information in the bulletin aims to address questions on how to locate an SFT ID number and how it is issued to new accounts.

Legacy SFT ID Look Up
If you believe your social security number is on file with SFT then you may use the Legacy SFT ID Look Up tool. This web page will ask for your name and last four of your SSN. If there is a match, the page will display your SFT ID number.

SFT ID Retrieval (via User Portal)
You may log into your SFT User Portal anytime and view your SFT ID. If you have never logged into the user portal and SFT has your email on file, then you may easily obtain your SFT ID from the SFT User Portal login web page by clicking the Retrieve Your SFT ID link.

CFSTES Diplomas and Certifications
Every CFSTES course completion diploma and certification issued after April 2017 has the SFT ID number located either underneath the name or in the bottom right corner.

New Students
A unique SFT ID number is issued to every student the first time they attend an SFT course. Simply notify your instructor that you have never attended an SFT course and they will record you as a “new student” on the official course roster. Upon course completion, your new SFT ID number and user portal access instructions will be emailed to you.

This information and more can be found on the SFT Homepage or the SFT ID Number Informational Bulletin.

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